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UAE is a non-profit organization comprised of industrial and commercial companies, with a large and diversified base of support from which to develop and influence energy policies and regulations.
UAE member companies employ 40,000 people in Utah and consume millions of kWh each month. Membership includes companies from all over Utah, including oil and gas, aerospace, higher education, healthcare, and manufacturing. UAE provides information that helps members understand market forces and maintain continuity in regulatory policy.



UAE is led by Justin Farr, who was elected executive director January 2024. UAE is represented by Energy Strategies' staff in the intervention process at the Public Service Commission, led by Kevin Higgins. Mr. Farr represents UAE industrial customers at the Western Electricity Coordinating Council and Phil Russell and Gary Dodge of James Dodge Russell & Stephens P.C., currently provide legal counsel to UAE.

OFFICERS: Dave Thayer, President -American Pacific, Andrew Teague - Northrop Grumman


BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                   

David Albright, JR Simplot                                           Michael Palm, Chevron                                        Andrew Teague, Walmart                                            Dave Thayer, American Pacific

Zach Cook, Utah State University                                 Bret Wilson, Northrop Grumman  

Shawn McGlothlin - Texas Instruments                         Glen Gerrick, Intermuountain Health                       

Jon Lindsey - HF Sinclair                                 



As a member of UAE, you receive weekly email updates, weekly energy market reports, monthly newsletters, free monthly breakfast meetings, and a discounted rate at the UAE Annual Conference. 


Airgas USA, LLC                          
American Pacific                                                                        


Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-Day Saints                           
CIMA ENERGY, LP                      
Deseret Power                              

Dominion Energy

Frito Lay                                     

Graymont Western U.S.      


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